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Capstone Course: Start Up Your Fintech Future (Coursera) This is the final course in the Fintech Emerging Markets specialization. This course assumes you have completed the first three courses of this specialization. For this capstone project, you will need to prepare a business model canvas and pitch for your startup In this course, through a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments you will explore the major areas of FinTech including, beginning with What is FinTech before turning to Money, Payment and Emerging Technologies, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance, FinTech Regulation and RegTech, Data and Security, and the Future of Data Driven Finance, as well as, the core technologies driving FinTech including Blockchain, AI and Big Data This FIRST MOOC ON FINTECH IN ASIA-PACIFIC offered by HKUST presents the insight of several professors from the top business school in Asia as well as perspectives from industry professionals. HKUST has been ranked for many years as the No.1 EMBA program in the world, as the number one Finance program in Asia, and as the top MBA program in Asia by multiple independent rating and review. Saïd Business School, Oxford University — Oxford Fintech Programme Summary: A course specifically designed to achieve two outcomes. First, to arm students with a working knowledge of Fintech and second, to identify new opportunities for innovation in finance so that they are equipped to launch new Fintech ventures It has since added two more MOOC - FinTech Ethics and Risks and Blockchain and FinTech. Participants who complete the three-course series can earn a certificate in the MOOC FinTech Professional Certificate Programme, awarded by HKU. Technology has disrupted traditional financial services models, just like it has reshaped all major industries

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Introduction to FinTech MOOC Milestone Professor Arner said it has been an exciting year for Introduction to FinTech MOOC. Today, the course has over 32,000 enrolled learners from 198 countries, which means there are learners from literally every country in the world. The course has a far and wide reach to learners, bridging the gaps in fundamental knowledge of FinTech for practitioners in.

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  1. In the FinTech online short course from Harvard's Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL), in association with HarvardX, you'll explore how FinTech companies have filled gaps left by existing financial institutions to serve customers' changing needs. Receive expert industry guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector and gain a holistic.
  2. FinTech and the Transformation in Financial Services by CBS (Coursera) This online course, created by Copenhagen Business School (CBS), is meant for the learners who wish to make their careers in the digital financial industries. During this class, the instructors have shared the research from North American and European finance industries
  3. The fourth annual HKU FinTech Day 2020, held in a virtual format in conjunction with Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020, have brought together renowned academics and key industry players to discuss cutting-edge research at the intersection of science, technology, and entrepreneurship
  4. FinTech is one of HKU's identified areas of strategic interdisciplinary research and teaching, and HKU offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in FinTech and a range of related subjects. Learners who complete theThe Introduction to FinTech course are qualified as 'Certified FinTech Professional' under the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) Expert instruction. 3 skill.
  5. FinTech Payments, Wealth Management, and Account Aggregation; The final module begins with an overview of the legal framework applicable to legacy payment systems in the U.S., followed by a review of how some FinTech firms are building on top of these systems to provide faster, more convenient, consumer payments while other FinTech firms are bypassing these systems all together by utilizing.
  6. Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations. Description. This specialization is intended to familiarize learners with a broad range of financial technologies. While finance has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, the financial industry is changing rapidly in the face of new technology. In the past, at the forefront of innovation in finance were central governments and.
  7. Aussi, à partir du 14 novembre prochain, Unow ouvre son MOOC gratuit « La Révolution FinTech » pour lequel il a réuni un grand nombre d'expert aux points de vue tranchés afin d'amener les apprenants à se questionner sur la révolution digitale de la finance : quelle régulation ? Quel impact sur l'économie mondiale

25 rows · Fintech Courses.Study free online Fintech courses and MOOCs from top universities and colleges. Read reviews to decide if a class is right for you. Follow 126 Follow to get an email when new courses are available Showing 21 courses Examining what FinTech is, or is not, provides a foundations upon which students can build for better understanding of opportunities and changes. FinTech Business Applications ; The Business Applications of FinTech are essentially the Fin part of the FinTech world, and in this module, we will examine applications across six categories of FinTech, including lending and personal finance, crowd. Logo MOOC La Révolution Fintech. Vous souhaitez mieux comprendre la Fintech et son éco-système? alors, plutôt que de retourner sur les bancs d'école, vous pouvez dès le 14 novembre prochain suivre une formation en ligne, un MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) en français, directement depuis votre fauteuil préféré Join the first and only MOOC on FinTech Ethics and Risks, starting May 15th 2019 at http://hku.to/FinTech-Ethics.Follow the course instructors, David Bishop.

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In this edX course, through a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments, learners will explore the major areas of FinTech including, beginning with What is FinTech before turning to Money, Payment and Emerging Technologies, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance, FinTech Regulation and RegTech, Data and Security, and the Future of Data Driven Finance, as well as, the core. The University of Hong Kong (HKU), along with collaborators SuperCharger, Cyberport, CFTE, UNSW Sydney, Microsoft and ACMI, is delighted to bring you Asia's first FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Introduction to FinTech. Introduction to FinTech is a six-week online course on Financial Technology, providing a foundational understanding of the forces that are shaping the world of. FINTECH - Marzo (MOOC) Categoría: Cursos MOOC. Descripción Valoraciones (0) Descripción. Curso Gratis Online. FINTECH, en América Latina y el Caribe. CURSO MOOC. INSCRÍBETE. Agencia Colaboradora. ceabad.com ceabad.com. Detalles del Curso. Inicio. 08 de Marzo del 2021. Duración. 4 Semanas. Modalidad. MOOC. Precio. Gratis ¿Qué aprenderás con éste curso? 1. Analizaras las. Hong Kong University's Fintech MOOC is a very good Introductory course taught by great academics - this would be the equivalent of your introduction course to finance when you start at university but applied to Fintech. This is a great course for university students and fresh graduates. It was co-developed by CFTE and features 2 of our board members as lecturers: Janos Barberis (founder of.

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MOOC will be taught by a combination of academic and practitioners as well as feature prominent guest speakers to illustrate the content with practical business examples. Course Key Facts . The University of Hong Kong has developed its leadership in FinTech. It is ranked 1st globally for FinTech Regulation Research, as well as being the 7th in. I personally do not have any experience with FinTech MOOC, however, there are a lot of sources (news pages, blogs, etc) from smart people out there, which can help you a lot. Have a look at my recommended sources at feedly - especially the section.. Die FinTech Revolution im Online-Kurs der Copenhagen Business School Die Finanzindustrie erfährt eine dramatische digitale Transformation. Ein neuer MOOC führender Digitalisierungs-Experten erläutert die Veränderungen in dieser Branche FinTech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society course is MOOC 4 towards being awarded the FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialisation Enrol Now FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation. FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialisation comprises of four (4) MOOCs Enrol Now Blockchain Basics. Blockchain Basics course is.

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New MOOC explores fintech developments 01 August 2018 | Story Kim Cloete. Read time 6 min. Financial Regulation in Emerging Markets and the Rise of Fintech Companies, a new MOOC launched by the AIFMRM, will see its first students on 13 August. Photo Carlos Muza / Unsplash. The huge shake-up following the 2008 global financial crisis and the rapid innovations it has sparked are at the heart of. Building on a history of fintech entrepreneurship, Zac works with banking clients on creating digital businesses from scratch, transforming businesses to be digital-first, and partnering with or acquiring fintech companies. Fintech. May 8, 2019 The range of models is breathtaking, and, drawing from my recent experience as a fintech entrepreneur, investor, and now advisor, I wanted to try and. MOOCs are essentially a single college-level course that has been structured to be offered online to many thousands of students at once. Think of them as a huge, virtual survey course. They are often taught by college instructors, use the same materials and teach the same subject matter in a theoretical, academic framework. That makes MOOCs a great fit for anyone who needs to brush up on a. FinTech Certification MOOC Training Course Guide. An FinTech Certification MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) helps you to grow your career. Get Certified for Only $299. Join Now! Name * Email * I agree to terms & conditions. Please enter a valid email address. That address is already in use. The security code entered was incorrect . Thanks for signing up . We respect your privacy. See our.

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MOOCs. Coursera Courses; Edureka Courses; Codecademy Courses; Community; 6 Best Fintech Courses & Certification 【2021】 Updated: January 2021. Updated: January 2021. 30+ global experts of fintech industry have conducted deep research and compiled a list of 5 best fintech courses, certificates, programs, tutorials, and classes available online for 2019. This handy list has both paid and free. In conjunction with the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong SuperCharger is set to launch a new certified Fintech MOOC, the widely used acronym for massive open online course, during the week.The objective of this MOOC, which will run for six weeks, is to educate young talent at scale across Asia, giving them a foundation and well-rounded understanding of the key aspects of Fintech Online courses and MOOCs are gaining extreme popularity among students and professionals. In 2018, the MOOC movement crossed 100 million learners, to reach a total of 101 million.The MOOC platforms are seeing a significant increase in paying users (learners). Consequently, more and more top universities are now being offering online degrees and specializations through MOOC platforms FinTech Ethics and Risks MOOC Filming. By root. Posted January 4, 2019. In TELI Diary. FinTech Ethics and Risks MOOC filming with the two Davids - Mr. David S. Lee and Mr. David L. Bishop. ethics, FinTech, MOOC. Recommended Posts. Europe Without Borders - Interview with Timothy Garton Ash. HK Cinema Filming before the Chinese New Year.

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  1. The MOOC is a collaborative effort between AIFMRM and UCT's Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT). Speaking at the launch of the MOOC, CILT Director Laura Czerniewicz said, Coursera had a call for proposals in fintech, and we are honoured to have been chosen to work in this area. We had something original to contribute in.
  2. The MOOC reflects deep engagement with FinTech at HKU. The course builds on existing teaching in the area: HKU launched the first course in FinTech in 2015, taught by Henri Arslanian (Adjunct Associate Professor, HKU and FinTech and RegTech Lead, China and Hong Kong, PwC). It is also based on world-leading research collaborations in the area with Ross Buckley (Scientia Professor and King.
  3. Free MOOC DFIN 511: Introduction to Digital Currencies The next starting date is September 27th, 2021 • Taught by Andreas Antonopoulos, Antonis Polemitis and George Giaglis • 1st Blockchain MOOC in the World • 45,000
  4. Tag: MOOC Fintech. Top 3 Fintech with the Best Educational approach. Team Europe-16 November 2016. 1. JOIN 10,000+ INVYO INSIGHTS FINTECH LOVERS *I agree to my personal data being stored and used to receive a newsletter only. Leave this field empty if you're human: POPULAR. All; Alternative funding; Analysis; Crypto & Blockchain; Education; Europe ; Events; Featured; Industries; Insurtech.
  5. g the world of finance, especially in Asia at a rate never seen before. It is essential that professionals working in finance, technology, regulation or FinTech and students studying related subjects are equipped with in-demand FinTech knowledge and skills in today's world of finance

HKU FinTech. 1,235 likes · 10 talking about this. The world's most popular FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on edX created by the University of Hong Kong. Check out HKUx Introduction to.. This work by Sripatum University is a part of Thai MOOC (thaimooc.org) project and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. แบ่งปันให้เพื่อนและครอบครั

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  1. UCT's African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM) and the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) launched a new UCT MOOC: Fintech in Emerging Markets. The Cape Town event commenced directly after the completion of the annual AIFMRM Careers in Financial Markets event for UCT students
  2. HKU FinTech | 3,046 followers on LinkedIn. The world's most popular FinTech online course on edX. 6 weeks, introductory, certified. | Introduction to FinTech is Asia's first FinTech MOOC.
  3. dset that will enable them to lead organizations in this new paradigm. They will not only be able to imagine these new technology applications but to develop them and bring them to the market. - Master Full-time. 2 years.
  4. Los MOOC en Algoritmia. Un MOOC posee múltiples ventajas para los estudiantes, entre ellas, genera un sentido de disciplina, organización, independencia y automotivación, además de liderazgo para resolver problemas y alcanzar objetivos. Estas habilidades son ampliamente valoradas en el mundo laboral. Más de 800 universidades de todo el mundo ofrecen miles de cursos en línea gratuitos
  5. Launch of FinTech Ethics and Risks MOOC. By root. Posted May 15, 2019. In eNews Features Issue2 FinTech Ethics and Risks, the second course in the HKU FinTech Certificate Program, has started. There have been more than 5,000 learners from 154 countries and regions joining the course since its initial launch in mid-May. Course instructors, Mr David Bishop and Mr David Lee, will explore.
  6. from Dublin City University on Fintech and Strategy in the 21st Century delivered on FutureLearn. The CMF will be promoted across Europe by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) alongside the founding platform partners. About European MOOC Consortium (EMC) The European MOOC Consortium (EMC) consists of the main European MOOC platforms Futurelearn, FUN, MiriadaX.
  7. ars and lectures, a job fair and hackathons, involving Hong Kong's eight universities and other organisations, are on the agenda for the Fintech Education Week, which will run from 30 October to 3 November, according to event details announced today (18.

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understood what FinTech and FinTech Innovation mean. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No.792040 . You can access the course absolutely free of charge and completely online. The course materials will still be available to all registered users, even after the closing of the edition. Further editions. The upcoming FinTech Ethics and Risks MOOC will contribute to the understanding of the ethical elements of finance, emerging technologies and fintech by shedding light on why and how individuals. mooc: . ⭐ Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more edX Featured Content Flipped classroom MOOC OCW Educator. Blend Your Classroom with edX. Aimee Gillespie January 29, 2015 0 Comments. Are you an educator who wants to enhance your classroom with educational technology? You may be interested in Blended Learning with edX, an online course actually created by the edX Continue reading. edX Featured Content MITx MOOC OCW Educator. New Courses. HKU FinTech. 1,237 likes · 6 talking about this. The world's most popular FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on edX created by the University of Hong Kong. Check out HKUx Introduction to..

HKUST MOOCs. Below is a list of HKUST MOOCs offered by different schools/offices on Coursera and edX: (Updated since Dec 2018) Click here to access the Youtube channel with all course overview videos. Joint Schools My Favorite Lectures @ HKUST. Instructors: Andrew Horner, King L. Chow, Michelle Yik, Garvin Percy DIAS. SBM. ACCT. Accounting, Business and Society: The Multi-faceted Role of. The fintech intensive allows you to understand the ever-changing dynamics of technology and its disruption capabilities in finance and other Industries. Under the impeccable leadership of Professor Drew Pascarella, the intensive is packaged to impart experiential learning through practical application of value drivers in the startup ecosystem. In collaboration with Cornell Tech, the intensive. HKU FinTech. 1,218 likes · 5 talking about this. The world's most popular FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on edX created by the University of Hong Kong. Check out HKUx Introduction to.. Finde hier Deinen passenden Online-Kurs einfach über die Filter- oder Freitextsuche von Edukatico.org, dem Verzeichnis für E-Learning Kurse

#FinTech #HK #HKU #HongKong #Finance #Regulation #Learning #Education #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #MOOC #Softskills HKU FinTech 11.12.2020 David Bishop moderates a panel on HKU FinTech Day that discusses important skillsets required by learners and educators alike to excel in the Fintech space meeting and making market demands Students now have unlimited access to the critical and multifaceted sector of finance in these highly accessible MOOC courses. While these courses are free, their value is high. These free courses are delivered by top-notch business schools and respected faculty experts in business, finance, and academia. Whether students are interested in behavioral finance, fintech, or corporate finance. Online Fintech MOOC. Bob Dittmar and I have launched two Fintech Online Specializations on Coursera and FutureLearn! Please feel free to share with anyone who might find the contents useful. Here's the Coursera link: Here's the FutureLearn link: Google Sites. Report abuse.

UCT has launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the rise of fintech and fintech regulation in emerging markets that will broaden the number of people able to access knowledge and expertise in this fast-growing new field. UCT has launched a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) examining the rise of fintech companies, the technology that enabled them and the regulation needed in an. He has enrolled in extracurricular courses (MOOCs) in the following: Statistics, FinTech, Big Data, Banking and in leadership and management. Luqman is a team player and has demonstrated his entrepreneurial interest by launching The Ad., an Instagram community marketing page which promotes brands and influencers. Why did you decide to join the Future FinTech Champions Programme? This.

The Rise Of Fintech - Trends of Robo Advisors in Asia Fintech Regulations in Asia: Roboadvisors Landscape, Funding & Laws **We had 3 personal assignments and I scored 100% for ALL. Whooop! #notsohumblebrag. Obviously, everyone has different expectations. My fault is not finding out what the course syllabus was. I should have, and I believe that my classmates did. Although this course felt. With their world-renowned MOOC and graduate programs in this cutting-edge field, the University of Nicosia is blazing a trail for future FinTech business leaders. My favorite part of the program is the diversity of the students and instructors, literally from all corners of the world, yet sharing the same deep passion for this ground-breaking technology. The hype was exceeded only by the failure, which has been well documented. And the news isn't getting much better. That's because, from the start, MOOCs had abysmal completion rates HKU FinTech. 1,242 likes · 7 talking about this. The world's most popular FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on edX created by the University of Hong Kong. Check out HKUx Introduction to.. MOOC-Degree. A list of all the online courses I have taken which matches both an MBA as well as the set of courses taken in a traditional bioinformatics MS and took the liberty to add electives that I saw interesting and matched my educational goals. I mainly took courses offered by Coursera as they accorded me financial assistance for the certifcates and I audited some on other plateforms as.

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Interest in financial technology is exploding around the world. The societal demand for timely, impactful Fintech research output and graduates to serve the evolving financial services industry is growing. The dynamic world of finance requires highly skilled personnel with strengths in: Applications of machine learning, predictive analytics in finance Modern practica The European MOOC Consortium (EMC) consists of the main European MOOC platforms Futurelearn, FUN, MiriadaX, EduOpen and OpenupEd. These partners represent most of the MOOC development work in Europe in terms of learners and number of MOOCs, by offering together over 2000 MOOCs. Together, they represent a large network of 250 higher education institutions (HEIs) and companies working in a.

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  1. The 11th annual flagship MIT FinTech Conference 2021, is the world's largest student-run FinTech conference, bringing together 1000+ FinTech professionals, academics and students, globally
  2. Jul 16, 2019 - Take a sneak peek at the HKU FinTech MOOC. Professor Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong, tells us about the potent..
  3. HKU FinTech | 3,105 followers on LinkedIn. The world's most popular FinTech online course on edX. 6 weeks, introductory, certified. | Introduction to FinTech is Asia's first FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) by the University of Hong Kong, with collaborators SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator, Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE), UNSW Sydney, Cyberport, Microsoft.
  4. Click HERE to find out ⭐ Hong Kong's Fintech Education Week to Include Certified Fintech MOOC Launch, Job Fair, & Hackathon. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding.

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Explore online courses from Harvard University. Whether its free courses on literature or premium business courses for executives, there's something for everyone. You can earn an online certificate for professional development, receive college credit for a degree, or take a class just for fun! Advance your career. Pursue your passion. Keep learning What Taking a MOOC Was Like in 2012, During The Year of the MOOC By Dhawal Shah Apr 20th, 2021 The 250 Most Popular Online Courses of All Time (2021

A British MOOC Start Up With A 44 Year Old ParentMy Next Stage of Learning Focus – AI4 Best Logistics Courses & Classes [2021 JANUARY]

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He led the development of Asia's first massive open online course (MOOC): Introduction to FinTech, launched on edX in May 2018 and which now has over 30,000 registered from every country in the world. Douglas served as Head of the HKU Department of Law from 2011 to 2014 and as Co-Director of the Duke University-HKU Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law from 2005 to 2016. From 2006 to. Le 14 novembre 2016 démarrera le premier MOOC francophone sur la FinTech. Au cours des 4 semaines du programme, nous défricherons ensemble les principaux enjeux pour les mondes de l'assurance. Fintech HK, Hong Kong. 1,440 likes · 6 talking about this. FinTechHK is a brief, informative and collaborative website that was established to catalyze the fastly growing fintech start-up scene in.. MOOC de Global Campus sobre Fintech: Aprende sobre la banca del futuro. 28 noviembre, 2017 mgarcisa destacado, Lo que somos. Autor: Pablo Blasco . La evolución tecnológica que estamos viviendo en este nuevo contexto empresarial hace que desde la universidad se quiera preparar adicionalmente a nuestros alumnos en aspectos que puedan tener una incidencia directa e indirecta en su empleabilidad. agil Arbeit Automatisierung Banken Berlin Digitalisierung Engineering Entrepreneurship Finanzen FinTech Frauen Freiheit Garten Gemeinschaft Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Industrie 4.0 Innovationsmanagement IT Kaizen Leadership Leben Lebensführung Lernen Lösungswege Makros Marketing Meetup Moocs Motivation Onlinespiele Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.

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We work with leading Universities to create education programmes such as: - Fintech Mooc with Hong Kong University: First Fintech Mooc from Asia, trained more than 35K students at the end of 2018 - AI in Finance with Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore): Largest online course on the applications of Artificial Intelligence on the Financial Services industry - First Fintech Hybrid Specialisation. Mooc : les cours en ligne qui révolutionnent l'éducation. Harvard, Stanford, Princeton... Les grandes universités américaines ont été les pionnières sur le terrain des Massive open online. FinTech ist besonders durch Innovationen im gesamten Finanzsektor bekannt, unter anderem in den Bereichen Mobile Zahlungen, Überweisungen, Sparen und Investieren. Den alteingesessenen Finanzdienstleistern, den Banken, machen diese technologiegetriebenen Unternehmen Konkurrenz. Die FinTechs besetzen Lücken, die die bisherigen Banken nicht bedienen. FinTech binden auch neue Bereiche wie das. Formateurs : Parmi les experts qui interviendront à l'occasion de ce tout premier MOOC français dédié à la FinTech : Joëlle Durieux, directrice générale de Finance Innovation, Philippe Herlin, auteur de La fin des banques, l'avocat Hubert de Vauplane ainsi que des CEO de startups de la FinTech. Coût : 790€, avec un accompagnement personnalisé. Le plus : À l'issue du MOOC, un. Ce MOOC est dédié au financement de l'innovation. L'enjeu est de taille, car sans capital, une idée, aussi innovante soit elle, ne peut se développer. Le cours se décompose en 5 semaines, chacune d'entre elles apporte des réponses aux différentes questions que l'on peut se poser lorsqu'on cherch..

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Extrait de la vidéo de formation : MOOC FinTech L'intelligence artificielle est une discipline scientifique recherchant des dispositifs imitant ou remplaçant l'humain dans certaines mise en œuvre de ses fonctions cognitives.. L'intelligence artificielle, c'est un logiciel qui réfléchit à notre place, et aussi bien, voire mieux que nous plutôt intéressant ‪At HK FinTech Week, Henri Arslanian from PwC moderated a discussion panel about The New Era of Blockchain and led the panelists to discuss the impacts of Blockchain technology, in particular.. MOOC. 加藤 慶信 . 日経情報ストラテジー 瀧俊雄のFinTech最前線 . FinTechは脱炭素社会に貢献するか、無味乾燥な金融に緑色を持ち込むススメ. 6. ニュース from 日経FinTech. 三井住友カードなど8社、Visaタッチ決済による地下鉄乗車の実証実験. 7. キャッシュレス決済、世界探訪. 顔認証は国境と人々.

#MOOCs; How He Got There: From High School to Facebook to Fintech. edx.org - edX team • 8h. Amol joined edX in high school, when our first course was offered in 2012. He's continued learning online ever since, most recently to help change Read more on edx.org. Энэхүү сургалтын талаархи Бидний гол зорилго бол FinTech-ийг ойлгоход туслах, эдгээр өөрчлөлтөд хэрхэн хариу үйлдэл үзүүлэх талаар санхүүгийн салбарын удирдлагуудад дүн шинжилгээ хийж, зөвлөмж гаргах чадвараа илүү.

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